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Beat Making ( Music production ) is used to be really difficult to get access to and practice it due to the expensive equipments that you needed to buy if you want to get into music production and make your own beats.


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If you take a look at the studio setup that big producers such as Kanye West and Dr. Dre have, you notice that these studios worth thousands of dollars which is impossible for most of us to even think about purchasing a similar studio. And even if you got a studio like those, you’ll definitely need years of experience to run them.

So what to do ? Fortunately and thanks to the fast development of technology you’re now able to actually build your own music production studio inside your bedroom with only a few hundreds of dollars and still be able to produce high quality beats that will impress listeners and if you’re really good you can sell them online and get a good income.


Check Out The Best Beat Making Software For Complete Beginners

The good news is that beat making is not that complicated anymore because computer programs made it easy for beginners to easily get into the beat making industry and all that matters now is how much motivated and creative you are.

In this guide, I will show you everything that you need to start making your own beats using incredible beat makers which are easy to use. So let’s get started !


What Do I Need to Make Awesome Beats at Home ?


The common mistake that many beginners fall in is buying so many expensive equipments and sound samples which cause them only confusion and frustration. So, as you’re just starting out you’d want to start small¬† and grow your studio as you go but don’t buy new equipment unless you became really good at the one you have in hand.

So these are the essential equipment that you’re going to need in order to make professional beats at home.


A Solid Computer


First things first, you’ll need of course a solid computer which is capable of running your music studio. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Mac or PC, but it should be a fast computer that can take the pressure of a DAW ( Digital Audio Workstation ).

Your computer is the heart of your studio so unless you have a powerful one with at least the below criteria, don’t bother buying the other equipment.


Your computer should have at least :

– 2GB ram

– At least 2GHZ / i3 processor


Digital Audio Station ( Beat Making Software )


a DAW is basically a software that you install on your computer and allows you to edit, mix and play with your instruments the way you like in order to produce new beats.

Since the DAW is the center of your home studio and all of your songs and music that you produce will depend on it, you should be very careful when you buy your beat making software especially if you still new to this and still has no idea about how to run a DAW because to be honest most of beat makers are hard to master.


Therefore, in this beginners guide I’ll focus only on software programs that are easy to use and don’t require years of practice to master.

These programs below are the best 3 beat makers I recommend for beginners and that’s based on my real experience with each one of them.




best beat maker

Based on my experience using BTV SOLO ( Supports PC and Mac ), i won’t exaggerate if i said it’s literally the best beat making software ever made for beginners. It’s not only me who thinks so. There are Hundreds of others beat makers who agree with me.


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What makes this software rocks is its practical interface that makes it easy for you to get used to it and start applying your creative ideas. Also, the fact that this software is made by 2 grammy awards winner Dallas Austin who’s a successful music production, songwriter and currently he is the vice president at A&R for islands records ( a company that work with many famous singers such as Enrique Iglesias, Ariana Grande, Drake…).


Before Taking a Decision You Should first Read my Honest BTV SOLO review

Fl Studio



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I’ve been using FL Studio ( support only PCs ) for many years and it’s definitely one of the best beat makers ever made. Fl Studio has also some advanced options that are used by professionals and can get in your way and cause you some frustration from time to time.

But let me tell you a little bit about my experience when i started beat making a few years ago. The first program i tried is actually FL studio which was not bad at all.


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But after discovering BTV Solo 3 years ago, I was amazed by how incredibly easy¬† it was and how many complications i no longer have to face like i did with FL Studio. So, if you want to save some time and start producing amazing beats as soon as possible you’d want to go with BTV Solo. In addition, Btv solo’s price is almost half FL Studio which is good in case you don’t have a big budget to start with.


Before Taking Your Decision You Should First Read My FL Studio 12 Review


Dr Drum


dr drum image


This is another beat maker that is designed especially for beginners. Dr drum has an easy to use interface that you’ll master it in a just few hours. Also, if you have an old computer that doesn’t have much RAM memory or has a weak processor then this software is what you’re looking for. And guess what ? it works on both PC and Mac.


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Besides, there are some very good training videos that come with the package and they will show exactly how to create some great beats from scratch. Ans Dr Drum comes also with a big library of amazing sound samples made by professionals.


Before Taking Your Decision You Should First Read My Dr Drum Review


What Beat Maker I Recommend The Most ?


Actually the three of beat makers mentioned above are great. But, if i was in your position and had to choose one of them, I’ll go for sure with BTV SOLO because of its great features and because it’s at the same time easy to use and powerful.


best beat maker btv solo

Other Programs


There are other beat makers like Steinberg Cubase Elements 8 and Propellerhead Reason 8 that could be a good way to start with beat making ( based on what they say ) but i prefer not to give my personal opinion on them since i didn’t try them yet.

Perhaps, in the future I’ll consider trying them to see how good they actually are and write reviews about them here at the website. So Stay tunned !


Sound Samples and Instruments


After purchasing a good DAW for your computer, you’ll need to buy some good sound samples and instruments that you will need when creating your beats by playing, mixing and adjusting them.

Fortunately, almost every beat maker comes with hundreds of free and awesome sound samples and instruments. For Example, BTV Solo comes with +1000 instruments if you bought the inistial version (27$) when FL Studio comes with less than 100 which means you’ll need to buy additional instruments.

Always keep in mind that sound samples are crucial and are the foundation of your beats and you may consider buying a bunch of them. But don’t make the famous mistake all newbies do in their first days which is focusing on buying more instruments instead of trying to use the existing ones effectively by implementing them the right way to create killer beats.


Headphones and Speakers


In addition to what’s mentioned before, you need to get a really good headphones and not just some cheap phone headphones that you put on when you’re listening to music while surfing on the net or something. This is Music production and you need to be able to hear every single detail of your beats without missing anything.


However, many beat prodbeat makerucers use studio monitors along with their computers. Personally, i didn’t use them when i first started beat making and i don’t think that you’ll need them at this moment. But if you like to start perfectly and you have a decent budget then you’d consider taking a look at YAMAHA HS5 Powered Studio Monitor which I’m using currently and i definitely ( and many others ) recommend it.


Even if you cannot afford a studio monitor you can just use a decent speakers. But The headphones are essential because they have a huge impact on the sound coming from your computer and also you don’t want to disturb your neighbors.




best beat makerBut which headphones are better for beat making ? there are plenty of them at amazon. But for me I’m using Audio-Technica ATH-M30x which works great and their price is unbelievable, only 69$ !!









Do you really need a MIDI Keyboard Controller ?



MID keyboard controller


MIDI : Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

A MIDI Keyboard generally looks like a piano as you see in the picture above. MIDI Keyboard Controller is Simply a device that contains bunch of buttons and knobs. And each one of these buttons makes a certain sound and sends a MIDI data directly to other devices connected to the same MIDI Protocol Interface ( in your case is your DAW on your computer).


This device is really fun and can add so much options and possibilities to your beat making process and no one can deny that having a MIDI Controller is a step ahead that will definitely help you make your beats exactly as you imagined them on your head.


But, since i did well for years without having a MIDI Keyboard. I don’t think that you really need it at the beginning if you are an absolute beginner. But, if your level is a little bit advanced and/or that you have a big budget and you are serious about making beats ( as a business ) you may want to consider buying one.

The options are many in front of you, but i think a Akai Professional MPK Mini is a good choice to start with.


How much These Beat Making Tools will Cost me ?


I always tell my friends who want to start making their own beats and getting into music production world, to start small and grow as they improve their skills.

What i mean by starting small is to avoid focusing only on buying more and more tools because beat making is not basically about how expensive your equipment are but how creative you are.

So here are the two options you have which depend on your experience and budget.


Option 1: So, if you’re just starting off and have no experience at all and your budget is very limited than I’d recommend getting the stuff below ( assuming that you have a solid computer ) :

– BTV SOLO Software

– Audio-Technica ATH-M30x headphones.

It’s a total of 27 + 69 = 96$

Isn’t that amazing ? less than 100$ can practically put you in the road to start producing your own beats.


Option 2 : You have a decent experience with beat making software and you want to get to the next level or you ( still a beginner ) want to start hard and develop your skills fast then :

– BTV SOLO Software

– Audio-Technica ATH-M30x headphones

– YAMAHA HS5 Powered studio Monitor

– Akai Professional MPK Mini

it’s a total of 27 + 69 + 199 + 75 = 370$


Three Beginners Mistakes you need to avoid


1. They start with a very complicated beat making software

Some beginners think that the more complicated a program is the more effects and great options you can find on that program which is completely untrue.

So it’s better for you to start with something easy to use but at the same time powerful and can actually help you produce awesome beats.

As i explained above, I find that BTV SOLO is the best option for complete beginners.


2. Moving Quickly from a DAW to Another

This is a common mistake you need to avoid because this only waste your time and probably your skills on beat making will develop slowly if you did this. What I’m telling you this is that by doing this you don’t give yourself the time needed to master your DAW or improve your beat making skills.


3. They don’t Practice enough

“Practice makes you better” is a proved rule in almost everything in life. So if you want to be really good producer then you need to practice daily and create as many beats as possible in order to improve your skills.


Final words


I hope i made things clear enough so that you have a good idea on the things you’ll need to start beat making.

Just remember that things would seem a little bit frustrating in the beginning but that doesn’t mean beat making isn’t your thing. It just means that you still making your first steps and that’s normal and any famous producer that you see today has been there in your same position.

So Don’t give up and keep trying until you become so good they can’t ignore you as Cal Newport says in his book.


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